• What is Freefall?

    As easy to play, hard to master, 3rd person, team-based, sci-fi shooter

  • What is Unity? Should I trust it?

    Yes. The Unity web player is installed on >200m computers and allows us to bring you free to play games.

  • What's the best Hero?

    We've tried our best to balance them, so it depends on your play style. Its generally more fun to swap between several of your favorites.

  • Do I need to be a 1st person shooting twitch master to play?

    No. It helps, but we've tried to balance with target lock and no 1-hit kills so I can play, and I'm getting old.

  • How do I upgrade and/or move my turret?

    Use the Q-button again after the ability has cooled. If you are in range of your turret, it upgrades, otherwise it is moved to your current location.

  • How do I get a specific weapon?

    Each hero uses unique weapons, so you need to play the hero with the weapon you want.

  • Why doesn't my ability work?

    Each hero's abilities unlock as you play them. Mouse over the ability in the Hero screen to determine what you need to do.

  • Why does my respawn time change every time I die?

    Your whole team is on a shared clock.

  • What heroes are coming next?

    Bomber, then Commando.

  • Why did we have no updates for a year?

    The sad truth is we couldn't afford to work on the product. We've been doing other work to pay the bills, and we've done well enough to give it another shot.

  • Why is my latency (ping) so bad? Why is the game jenky?

    We only have servers in a few place. We are trying to get more. Also make sure your quality settings are set appropriately for your computer.

  • I've installed the Unity Web Player, but it's telling to install it again. What do I do?

    1. First check to see if the Unity Web Player is actually installed. Go here. If it's installed, it should show the version number over on the right.
    2. Follow these guidelines to reinstall here.
    3. If other games work, like this one, then the problem is probably on FreeFall Tournaments side, so please private message freerangegames with your web player version number.

  • When I load up the game, I get a black screen after download!

    Toggle your browser between fullscreen/windowed and the game should show up again.

  • How does match making work?

    You have a secret ranking based on your win/loss record, which is combined with your teams. In some rare cases, teams unbalanced in players are actually considered more fair because of their ranking.

  • What's up with the gravity in Space Station and Training Arena?


  • When are you going to add servers in my region?

    Soon! We see players from all over the world, and we are trying to find server providers in every region